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Why Attend the Lectionary Reading Week?

The Reading Week for Lectionary Preachers is time set aside to sow seeds of excellence in next year’s preaching ministry. The Reading Week is an investment in ministry which every effective preacher owes his or her congregation; it is the “seed corn” for time-starved pastors. Before your parishioner’s needs have taken all your ministry time, lay this week aside to listen attentively to scripture and the Holy Spirit, to roll up your sleeves, and plant the seeds for next year’s preaching ministry.

What Will You Do During the Lectionary Reading Week?

What Will You Take Home?

Schedule, Registration, and more…

The Reading Week is typically held in September and begins on Monday with check-in from 10am to Noon, commencing with lunch, then right to work. Work continues through Friday morning, concluding with worship at 11:45am. Participants should plan on being present for the Full Reading Week.

Your registration fee for the Lectionary Reading Week covers the cost of all program materials, lodging for 3 nights, and all meals. The Reading Week is considered a “work week”, rather than retreat or “time off”, therefore you are encouraged to use your Continuing Education budget or seek financial support from your church in order to attend.