LIFT Renewal Ministries

Cultivating Pathways for Discipleship to Jesus Christ


About LIFT

Is One-on-One Coaching for You?

“Abiding” is a key component of LIFT Ministries. Rev. William Johnson is available for regularly scheduled one-on-one coaching sessions with individual clergy persons, to abide with them until they begin to hear for themselves what God is speaking into their vocation. Coaching is not intended as therapy, but “saw-sharpening” for colleagues who could benefit from serious conversation and accountability surrounding their ministry. These confidential sessions are encouraging, challenging, honest, and centered in Christ. Coaching clients will set goals and create workable action plans.

What’s the Next Step?

Contact the LIFT Ministries office by phone or email to explore a coaching relationship with Rev. William Johnson. One must consider the costs: primary is a commitment to the process and a willingness to put forth the effort to grow professionally. A coaching covenant will be prepared for you which outlines all expectations for both you and Rev. Johnson. Coaching is provided in-person or via telephone or Skype on a weekly basis for an agreed-upon number of sessions, with evaluations at key points along the way. There is a fee for each 45 minute session to be negotiated with the LIFT Ministries Coordinator.